About Me

Hello, my name is Daniel Sitkovetskiy. I am currently the Product Owner of the Oceania Cruises Website (Brochure & Booking) at Norwegian, a Fortune Magazine top company and the world's #1 ocean cruise line. I have a demonstrated history in roadmap development, product design, business analytics, requirement gathering, stakeholder management, testing and supporting product releases, as well as agile sprint management in backend and frontend development.

My passions and past projects include creating AI artwork, Machine Learning, running Video game development teams such as for the development of a multiplayer online game. My thesis was in developing investment strategies and designing models for the predictability of the stock market using technical analysis. I am also an avid explorer and rarely spend time indoors. In my free time, I enjoy attending concerts, working on web development as well as Photoshop. 

My Experience


Proven capabilities as a Product Owner, Project Manager and a team Scrum Master in servant leadership.

Creative Thinking

Lead developer of game development projects to the development of features in service now and pricing engines.

Tech Stack

Experienced in Web Development, legacy Oracle systems, Service Now, API's, AWS, Java, Unity and much more.

Jack of All Trades

Track record spanning from project management all the way to IT systems support.



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